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Chock the wheels and ensure the
chocks will keep the vehicle from moving
especially for vehicles equipped with air
brakes when they are released later. The
minimum size for square blocks should
be 15 by 15 centimetres.

Circle check

The drawings below illustrate one way to
make a full circle check. Do a walk-around
check before starting any trip. The circle
check may be done in any order, but
make sure that you check everything and
always make a complete circle around the
vehicle. Much of the pre-trip information
listed below is common to all commercial
vehicles. Where there are extra items for
specific vehicle types, it is indicated under
its own heading.

NOTE: The categories for a bus includes;
commercial, school and private buses.
Unique school bus items, if applicable
are noted.

Truck-tractor and semi-trailer

School bus

Single unit with three axles


Daily walk-around procedure
– items to check:

Starting at the front of the vehicle and
going down the driver’s side of the vehicle,
from the front to the back, check the

Under the hood
All vehicle types

radiator has no leaks, has adequate
coolant level and proper fitting cap
fan has no bent, cracked, missing
blades or loose mountings
all belts have correct tension and do not
show signs of wear
oil and other fluid levels are adequate
air filter for condition
battery has no cracks, excessive corrosion
or leaks, terminal connections are secure,
battery is securely mounted (battery
location varies on different vehicles)


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