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Medical requirements

It is your responsibility and legal obligation
to disclose any medical or physical
condition that may interfere with the safe
operation of a motor vehicle. If you have a
medical or physical condition, you will be
required to provide a completed Medical
Examination for Motor Vehicle Operators
form. Medical Examination forms can
be obtained from an Alberta Registry
Agent office or your doctor. Your doctor
must complete this form. The Medical
Examination form must be returned to an
Alberta Registry Agent office.

A person 75 years of age or older, who
applies for a driverís licence, or is
renewing their existing driverís licence,
must provide a Medical Examination
for Motor Vehicle Operators form, and
have their vision assessed at an Alberta
Registry Agent office. The Medical
Examination for Motor Vehicle Operators
form must be completed and signed by a

You may be requested to provide a
medical report, regardless of your age, to
determine your medical fitness to operate
a motor vehicle.

The basic road test may be requested,
for any driver, if there are concerns about
their medical fitness.

Driver Licence classes
1, 2 or 4 ,

A person who applies for, or renews, a
class 1, 2 or 4 driverís licence must
provide a completed Medical Examination
for Motor Vehicle Operators form. This
will be required every five years to age 45,††

then every two years until the age of 65,
and annually thereafter.

Condition codes
and endorsements

Condition codes

A condition code may be added to a
personís driverís licence to ensure
that person meets the requirements to
operate a motor vehicle. For example,
all drivers must meet specific vision
requirements to operate a vehicle. If
you require glasses or contact lenses
to improve your vision to these specific
standards, you will have a Condition
code placed on your driverís licence
indicating this requirement. Also, a
person can be required to have a health
examination by a doctor periodically to be
allowed to drive, and this will be indicated
on the driverís licence.

In more extreme situations, a change
in a personís situation can make it
impossible for him or her to safely operate
a vehicle. These situations are not
common, but do mean that the person
is not able to be licensed to operate a

Endorsement codes

An endorsement code on a driverís
licence shows that the person has
had specific education or training, like
completing a novice driver education
course or a course specific to operating
a school bus. An endorsement may also
indicate that the person is permitted to

18† A Driver's Guide to Operation, Safety and Licensing