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Requirements for Requesting a Seat Belt Exemption


In accordance with the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) Medical Standards for Drivers, the medical profession in Canada has declared itself unequivocally in favor of the use of restraint systems in all motor vehicles at all times by drivers and passengers. The Guidelines further indicate there are no medical or physical conditions that call for exemption from using seat belts.

Drivers who are uncomfortable wearing a seat belt should be encouraged to use devices such as belt extenders, adjustable seats, adjustable seat belts and padding to make the seat belt more comfortable. Correct positioning of the seat belts, techniques and coaching by occupational therapists and other interveners may facilitate the wearing of seat belts.

In accordance with Section 88 of the Vehicle Equipment Regulation of the Traffic Safety Act, an individual is required to produce to the police authorities or the courts a certificate signed by a qualified medical practitioner. The medical certificate must be written on the letterhead of the medical practitioner to include the name and address of the person exempted and the reasons for the exemption. The certificate must also state the dates on which the exemption begins and ends and must be for a period of not more than one year.