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Table of Contents, Alberta's Transportation Advantage

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Message From the Minister
Message From the Deputy Minister
Infrastructure, Services and Regulatory Framework
  Highway Infrastructure 1997/98
  1998 Fuel Tax Rates
  Annual Government User Charges For Vehicles
  Road Infrastructure
  Rail Infrastructure
  Air Infrastructure
Transport Sector
Access, Access, Access
  Site Selection Criteria
Market Size and Critical Mass in Western Canada
  Western Canada Market 1971 - 1998
  Size of Western Canada Economy 1997
Metropolitan Markets in Western Canada
Distance to Markets
Minimizing Market Access Costs
Western North American Market
  1995 Exports By Truck to the U.S.
  1995 Exports By Rail to the U.S.
Major Western U.S. Metropolitan Markets
  Market Access Cost Index to Western U.S. Centres
Reaching Global Markets
  Gateway to NAFTA - Alberta and the CANAMEX Corridor
Appendix A - Alberta Primary Highway System
Appendix B - Alberta Secondary Highway System
Appendix C - Alberta Rail Network
Appendix D - Alberta Airports With Daily Scheduled Service
Additional Information
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