2007 Applications for Municipal Grant Programs


Advisory: January 22, 2007

2007 Applications for Municipal Grant Programs

Alberta Municipal Infrastructure Program (AMIP)
New Deal for Cities and Communities (NDCC)
New Deal for Public Transit (NDPT)
City Transportation Fund (CTF)
Basic Capital Grant (BCG)
Streets Improvement Program (SIP)
Rural Transportation Grant (RTG)

In preparation for the above noted 2007 Municipal Grant Programs, it is recommended that municipalities prepare and submit as soon as possible to the Regional office of Alberta Transportation regional  their 2007 Multi-Year Capital Plan, 2007 Application for Program Acceptance, and 2006 certified Statement of Funding and Expenditures.  

Where the 2007 application includes new projects not previously accepted, a Project Profile should be submitted in support of each new project.

The early submission of these annual reports and applications will assist in the early transmittal of the 2007 grant allocation to the municipality.

Please note that all NDCC and NDPT projects must address one of the following:
     Cleaner Water.
     Cleaner Air.
     Reduced Green House Gas Emissions.

Please note that all AMIP, NDCC, and NDPT projects must be in addition to the municipality's normal historical expenditures on municipal infrastructure.

Application and reporting templates are available on the Municipal Grants web page. 

For full program details, please refer to the Administrative Guidelines for the applicable grant program posted on the Municipal Grants web page.