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Transport Sector

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Alberta is a major player in Canada’s transportation sector. Several key carriers, including Canadian Airlines, WestJet Airlines Ltd., CPR, Greyhound Canada Transportation Corporation, Trimac Transportation System and Canadian Freightways Ltd. have head offices in Alberta.

Alberta’s transportation sector constitutes 9% of the Gross Domestic Product and is growing faster than the overall economy.

Alberta is a trading centre, with more than 60% of its production being exported (for more information on provincial transportation and trade, visit the Alberta Transportation web site at http://www.transportation.alberta.ca/2227.htm).

Boyd Group, a corporate office location specialist based in the U.S., singles out Edmonton and Calgary as the fastest growing corporate locations in Canada. Calgary was described "as a head office location and transportation hub" with Edmonton as the "service centre for the oil industry and home to many biotechnology firms."

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