NAFTA Trade Corridors & State Truck Standards

NAFTA trade corridors 
  • Alberta's high-standard highway system routinely handles trucks of up to 63,500 kg (140,000 lb.) and provides links with all major Western North American markets. 

  • Currently, except for those states with grandfather rights, the U.S. restricts the allowable gross weight and length of trucks.  Federal Bridge Formula B defines the relationship between a truck's weight, length, number of axles and spacing between axles, thereby determining the truck's configuration.

  • Long Combination Vehicles (LCVs) are limited to western states.  State laws and policies determine use and vary considerably across the west.


State standards for gross vehicle weight & lengths 
  • Higher truck weights and dimensions (Turnpike Doubles and Triples) provide shippers with the lowest possible unit cost for transporting their goods.

  • There are proposals to harmonize truck weights and dimensions along specific U.S. Interstate Highway Corridors.


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