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Major Western U.S. Metropolitan Markets

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The primary metropolitan centres in the U.S. (west of Kansas City) with more than 1 million in population constitute a market of almost 37 million.

The Western U.S. markets comprise a consumer base that is larger than all of Canada and around ten times larger than the Western Canada market.

Market Access Cost Index to Western U.S. Centres

The cost index of accessing western U.S. markets is calculated as the volume of the product times the distance to each market.

Since U.S. populations and market sizes dwarf those of Western Canadian cities, the population was divided by 10 (like the rule of 10 when comparing the U.S. and Canada). Even then, the influence of U.S. markets is still larger.

The first and third best locations for market access are in Alberta. Vancouver, being closer to major California markets, is the second best location.

Alberta is the best location overall. It is highly competitive with Vancouver, particularly if the basic investment is to be supported by the local Western Canada market.

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