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Organizational Structure

The Ministry of Transportation comprises the Department of Transportation and the Transportation Safety Board. The Department of Transportation:
  • leads the planning, construction, and preservation of our provincial highway network to connect Alberta’s communities, and support the province’s economic and social growth;
  • leads provincial transportation safety services, and provides a wide range of information, education, and enforcement programs along with engineering solutions to promote safe driving, vehicles, roads, railways and transport of dangerous goods;
  • designs, constructs and maintains Alberta’s water management infrastructure on behalf of Environment;
  • manages provincial and federal grant programs to help municipalities develop and preserve their transportation systems, increase public transit to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure water and wastewater treatment systems as well as other priority infrastructure for Albertans; and
  • represents Alberta’s interests in a safe, sustainable road-rail-air-port transportation system at all levels of government, national and international trade agreements and regulatory harmonization.

The Alberta Transportation Safety Board, which hears appeals of the Registrar’s decisions, is the final administrative authority for making operator licence determinations. The Board handles appeals of licence suspensions and vehicle seizures. It is also responsible for hearings under the Railway (Alberta) Act. While the Board reports to the Minister of Transportation, formal decisions are made independently in accordance with governing legislation: the Traffic Safety Act and the Railway (Alberta) Act.