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Alberta Traffic Safety Plan

Alberta’s first Traffic Safety Plan, the first strategy of its kind in Canada, was introduced in 2007. The number of collisions, deaths and injuries on Alberta’s roads has declined considerably since the implementation of this plan by the Alberta government and its traffic safety partners. Over the past four years, traffic fatalities have dropped by nearly 32 per cent.

To build upon these traffic safety improvements, a successor plan was created. Alberta’s Traffic Safety Plan 2015 will build upon the partnerships developed in the first plan and will use the safe system approach, which aims to create safer drivers, safer vehicles and safer roads.

Priorities will be addressed using a number of core strategies including education and training, communication, community initiatives, enforcement, research, legislation, new technologies, road engineering and infrastructure improvements.

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Alberta’s Traffic Safety Plan 2015 is also aligned with national and international traffic safety efforts. The updated national Road Safety Strategy 2015 developed through the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) and its partners builds on the activities and gains made during Road Safety Vision 2010, but provides provinces and territories with more scope to adapt activities to local conditions and needs. The goal of Road Safety Strategy 2015 remains the same — to make Canada’s roads the safest in the world.

The Commission for Global Road Safety issued a call for a Decade of Action for Road Safety in its 2009 Report. Endorsements for the proposal have come from a wide range of public figures as well as the UN Road Safety Collaboration. The overall goal of the Decade of Action (2011 to 2020) will be to reduce road traffic fatalities around the world by increasing activities at the national level.

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Communications and education play a vital role in the implementation of the TSP. The overarching communications strategy is outlined in the three-year Alberta Traffic Safety Communications Plan (2013-2015) (pdf 1.8MB).

Alberta Traffic Safety Plan Calendar

Input from traffic safety stakeholders helped to create the Traffic Safety Plan Calendar, which provides a province-wide coordinated approach that highlights priority traffic safety topics each month.

Enforcement agencies, Regional Traffic Safety Consultants and several other stakeholders work together using an integrated strategy to ensure enforcement and communications campaigns are aligned with the Traffic Safety Plan Calendar.

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Office of Traffic Safety Newsletter

The traffic safety newsletter provides an ongoing update of all the activities and progress taking place around the TSP initiatives.

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