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McDermid Report

The Alberta Traffic Safety Initiative (TSI) provides an umbrella to coordinate and deliver results-oriented programs that address traffic safety issues across Alberta. The TSI encourages Albertans to make positive choices about their driving behaviours. Our focus is on the motorist, commercial vehicles, snowmobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians.

The TSI is highly committed to child traffic safety. Working with children and parents, we are helping to encourage a new generation of more safety conscious Albertans.

McDermid Report on Traffic Safety
In February of 2004, at the request of the Alberta Transportation Minister, a review of traffic safety in Alberta was launched by Don McDermid, retired Assistant Commissioner R.C.M.P. The objective was to recommend the best ways to coordinate strategies, set goals and allocate resources to address road safety issues in the province of Alberta. The results of this review are outlined in the McDermid Report on Traffic Safety.