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Online Forms

Whether you operate a commercial carrier, work for a municipality or are an engineering consultant, you may need forms, contracts or permits to carry out your work. This information can be found by clicking the links below.

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Commercial Trucking Permits
This section provides information for the trucking industry about the weight and dimension regulations in Alberta. Legal weights and dimensions are needed to balance the capacity and geometric capabilities of the infrastructure with maximum economic benefits while ensuring road safety.

Legal Weights and Dimensions

Regulation Summary

Alberta Transportation monitors, controls and issues permits for the movement of oversize and overweight vehicles. This helps to ensure safety and minimize inconvenience to the traveling public, as well as reduce damage to roads.

General Information

Thaw/Contour Map

TRAVIS Permit Application System

This section provides registration information for commercial carriers that are based in Alberta and travel out-of-province. Rather than obtaining and paying for plates and registration in each jurisdiction, prorated fees are calculated by the percentage of total distance traveled within each jurisdiction.

Prorate (vehicle licensing for out-of-province travel)

For information about the requirements and conditions for major permit programs in Alberta, click on the links below:

Extended Length Vehicle

High Load Corridor

Winter Weight Log Haul Program

Development Permits
Permits are required for activities that occur on or near provincial highways. If you're involved in a project near a provincial highway, click on the links below to learn more about required permits.

Roadside Development Application

Minister's Award for Transportation Innovation
The annual Minister's Award for Transportation Innovation has several categories for nominations, recognizing Alberta’s transportation industry’s innovative people and organizations which plan, design, construct, operate or maintain a roadway, transit service or related initiative. These projects will demonstrate excellence in design, construction, environmental, safety or operational innovations. For more information and nomination forms, please visit our site.

Consultant Services
For information about the requirements and conditions for consultant services and tender documents, click on the link below.

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