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Preparing Written Safety and Maintenance Programs

Carriers with one or more commercial vehicles registered in Alberta that are included in the National Safety Code (NSC) program are required to have written safety and maintenance programs in place.  The following documents outline the primary safety and maintenance program requirements for both provincial and federal truck and bus carriers.  

Requirement for Provincial Operator Requirement for Federal Operator
Truck.pdf  (PDF) Truck.pdf (PDF)
Bus.pdf (PDF) Bus.pdf (PDF)

To assist carriers with meeting these regulatory requirements, the following documents have been prepared. These documents clarify the minimum requirements for safety and maintenance programs and provide several sample policies and procedures.

The policies contained in these documents are samples only.  Carriers may use these samples to help write their own policies to address the minimum requirements, but should also include others that are more specific to their business operation.

Sample Provincial Safety and Maintenance Policies Sample Federal Safety and Maintenance Policies
Truck, Truck-Tractors, Trailers.doc (1220KB) Truck, Truck-Tractor, Trailers.doc (1227KB)
Bus and Motor Coach.doc (1109KB) Bus And  Motor Coach.doc (1080KB)
School Bus.doc (1070KB) School Bus.doc (1057KB)
Handi-Buses.doc (1012KB) Handi-Buses.doc (995KB)

Anyone can prepare a carrier's safety and maintenance program, as long as they understand the minimum regulatory requirements that must be addressed. The carrier's safety and maintenance program must:
  • meet the specific regulatory requirements that apply to the carrier's operations;
  • be fully implemented (as described); and
  • be effective (i.e. compliance is achieved).

Note: When writing a safety program, carriers should also consider addressing Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) requirements.