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Recommended Practices Guidelines

Highway Signs
Regulatory Signs
Warning Signs
Temporary Conditions Signs
Guide and Information
Miscellaneous Signs - Temporary
Miscellaneous Signs - Public Awareness
Miscellaneous Signs - Community Information
Miscellaneous Signs - Business
Typical Signing Plans

Pavement Markings
Wet Night High Visibility Durable Pavement Markings (pdf 100 K)
Chevron Gore Pavement Markings (pdf 122 K)
Use of Durable Pavement Markings (pdf 181 K)

Traffic Operations
Safety Measures at Rural Stop-Controlled Intersections (pdf 50 K)
Methods for Establishing Safe Speeds on Curves (pdf 330 K)
Waste Collection Services on Provincial Highways (pdf 39 K)
Pivoting of Traffic Signal Structures Equipped with Rotatable Bases (pdf 408 K)
Use of Speed Limit Transition Zones (pdf 54 K)
Differential Speed Zones (pdf 25 K)
Transverse Rumble Strips at Stop-Controlled Intersections (pdf 29 K)

Traffic Signals
Beacons (pdf 151 K)
Pedestrian Countdown Signals (pdf 47 K)
Emergency Vehicle Traffic Signal Pre-Emption and Entrance Signals (pdf 58 K)
Side-Mounted Special Crosswalk Design (pdf 146 K)
Accessible Pedestrian Signals (pending approval)

Roadside Development
Highway Beautification - Landscaping within Highway Right-Of-Way (pdf 119 K)
Rural Mailboxes (pdf 193 K)
Decorative Features on Street Light and Signal Poles (pdf 121 K)
Utility Cabinet Wraps (pdf 33 K)

At-Grade Rail Crossings
Jurisdiction Responsibility at Rail Crossings (pdf 48 K)
Rail Crossings Agreement Procedures (pdf 51 K)
Seniority Transfer at Rail Crossings (pdf 173 K)
Protocol or Process for Handling Safety Concerns and Inquiries (pdf 137 K)
Collisions and Incidents at Rail Crossings (pdf 128 K)
Construction and Maintenance Responsibilities at Rail Crossings (pdf 54 K)
Road Authority Transfers at Rail Crossings (pdf 28 K)
Invoice Processing: Scheduled Maintenance for Crossing Warning Systems (pdf 53 K)