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Warning Signs

Ramp Advisory Speed Signs (pdf 214 K)
Turn and Curve signs (pdf 245 K)
Reverse Turn and Curve signs (pdf 144 K)
Winding Road sign (pdf 164 K)
Concealed Road sign (pdf 239 K)
Important Intersection Ahead sign (pdf 245 K)
Centreline Rumble Strips sign (pdf 239 K)
School Bus Stop Ahead sign (pdf 182 K)
Bicycle Crossing Ahead sign (pdf 162 K)
School Bus Entrance sign (pdf 189 K)
Truck Entrance sign (pdf 171 K)
Farm Equipment Crossing sign (pdf 279 K)
Cattle Crossing sign (pdf 222 K)
Snowmobile Crossing sign (pdf 203 K)
Equestrian Crossing sign (pdf 250 K)
Slippery Condition Ahead sign (pdf 407 K)
Wildlife Crossing Signs (pdf 96 K)
Hazard Marker Signs (pdf 61 K)
Calculation of Clearance for Overhead Clearance Signs (pdf 127 K)
Protection of Low Clearance Structures (pdf 325 K)
Sharp Shoulder Sign (pdf 107 K)
Advance Warning of a Traffic Control Change (pdf 490 K)
Be Courteous Merge Traffic Ahead Sign (pdf 50 K)
Wildlife Corridor Warning Sign (pdf 551 K)
Lane Ends Signs (pdf 375 K)