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Guide and Information Signs

Airport Signs (pdf 418 K)
Rural Address Signs (pdf 1.0 M)
Kilometre Markers(pdf 812 K)
Exit Numbering (pdf 565 K)
Local Road Name Signs (pdf 688 K)
Process for Consideration of New Water Body Identification Sign (pdf 122 K)
Sanitary Landfill and Transfer Station Signs(pdf 98 K)
Directional Signs to Educational Institutions (pdf 186 K)
Temporary Industrial and High Traffic Generating Development Signs (pdf 124 K)
Check Your Fuel Signs (pdf 71 K)
Rural Community Facility Fingerboard Signs (pdf 93 K)
Guide Signs for Large Trip Generators (pdf 100 K)
Water Body Identification Signs (pdf 145 K)
Calculation of Distances to Communities (pdf 121 K)
Municipal Address Signs In Rural Areas (pdf 134 K)
Boundary Signs (pdf 710 K)
Photo Enforcement Signs (pdf 186 K)
Auction Mart / Livestock Exchange Signs (pdf 154 K)
Parks Canada Signing Along Provincial Highways (pdf 169 K)
Urgent Care Services Sign (pdf 60 K)
Naming of Highways in Urban Areas (pdf 25 K)
Aircraft Patrol Zones (pdf 29 K)
Installation of Trailblazer Signs (pdf 30 K)
Secondary Route Marker Signage at Divided Highway Intersections (pdf 16 K)
Named Mountain/Geographical Landmark Identification Signs (pdf 36 K)
Community Speed Limit Information Sign (pdf 83 K)
Street Name Signs at Signalized Intersections (pdf 29 K)