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Dimension / Winter Weight Log Haul Permits

  1. Part I is the vehicle permit, which contains carrier and vehicle information along with the applicable conditions governing vehicle weights and dimensions and specific operating conditions.
  2. Permits must be in the name of the registered owner of the vehicle.
  3. The dimension / winter weight log haul permit allows for increased dimensions as specifically indicated on each permit for:
    1. Overall length when loaded
    2. Width of the bunk stakes, including rings and cables
    3. Height of equipment or load
    4. Overhang when loaded
    5. Track width
    6. Interaxle spacing
    7. Wheelbase
  4. The permit allows for increased weights as specifically indicated on the permit for each configuration.
  5. Some log haul permits require additional permits in order for the dimension / winter weight permit to be valid. Details on additional permit requirements are included in the conditions of the permit and on the Alberta Transportation website at www.transportation.alberta.ca/4208.htm
  6. The dimension/winter weight permit is specific to an individual vehicle and configuration during the winter weight period. It applies to only one configuration during the period when winter weights are in effect for the vehicle specified on the permit. If the vehicle specified on the permit is used for other configurations during the winter season, than an additional winter permit(s) is required for each configuration.
  7. The dimension/weight permit allows for winter weights during frozen road conditions as directed in writing to the Company by Alberta Transportation. Section J
  8. Regulated weights are in effect during the period when winter weights are no longer in effect unless an equipment exemption permit has been issued allowing equivalent to regulated weights. This only applies to the quad axle semi-trailer, 9 axle B-Train and 10 axle B-Train configurations. Information is available at www.transportation.alberta.ca/4208.htm related to these configurations and permits.
  9. The dimension/weight permit is valid for all log haul vehicle configurations during the period when winter weights are not in effect for the vehicle with the plate indicated on the permit.
  10. The Part I permit is not valid unless accompanied by a valid Part II map and addendums.
  11. The permit fee is as per Commercial Vehicle Dimension and Weight Regulation AR315/2001.

Seasonal Log Haul Dimension Permits

  1. A seasonal dimension permit may be used by carriers that are hauling regulated weights where dimensions exceed regulated dimensions.
    1. This permit applies to numerous vehicles and configurations if regulated dimensions are exceeded.
    2. This permit is a fleet permit and applies to all vehicles owned by the permit holder with the exemption of the quad axle semi-trailer, 9 axle B-Train and 10 axle B-Train configurations. These configurations require permits specific to these configurations if hauling weights or dimensions exceeding regulated weights and dimensions.
    3. A valid Part II to map is required for this permit to be valid.
    4. The Part II map may be either a map for a specific configuration or a dimension map.
    5. If a log haul map for a specific configuration is used, then all routes are RED and regulated weights cannot be exceeded.
  2. Commercial Vehicle Dimension and Weight Regulation AR315/2002 applies to all other dimensions and weights not identified on the permit or map.
  3. The permit fee is as per Commercial Vehicle Dimension and Weight Regulation AR315/2001.

Effective October 1, 2011, Alberta Transportation will no longer be accepting log haul permit applications submitted by fax or phone through the Central Permit Office, with the exception of permits for:

  • 9 axle B-Train Configurations
  • 10 axle B-Train Configurations
  • Tridem Drive– Quad Axle Semi-Trailer
  • Double Pole Trailer – Hinged and non hinged
  • Permits issued for use of roads within the Town of Hinton
  • Resource Road Winter Weight / Dimension Permits including those permits issued for use of the Forestry Truck Road in MD Greenview

After this date, applications must be submitted by entering your application directly on TRAVIS Web at http://www.travis.gov.ab.ca/ or by contacting one of a network of TRAVIS agents. TRAVIS Agents charge a fee for their services and fees may vary.

A list of accredited agents is available by contacting the Central Permit Office at 1 800 662-7138 or at http://www.transportation.alberta.ca/Content/docType260/Production/obtainingpermits.pdf

Instructions for entering your application on TRAVIS Web can be found at http://www.travis.gov.ab.ca/ by clicking on the link ‘Application User Guides’.

To assist you in submitting your permit application, a list of valid configuration codes has also been included in the document on page 19 and 20. Information and copies of the TRAVIS Log Haul Permit Walkthrough may be obtained at some mills or through the Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA).

If you experience difficulty using TRAVIS Web, contact the Central Permit Office at 1 800 662-7138 and a Permit Program Delivery Representative will assist you in obtaining your permit(s).

If you require additional information contact:

Forest Products Transportation Specialist
Office 403 340-4957 toll free in Alberta 310-0000
Cell 403 872-2997

e-mail forestproducts.haul@gov.ab.ca

Part II

Part II is the colour map which shows the approved log haul routes, with dimensional restrictions indicated by notes on the map.