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Log Haul Dimensional Permit

The log haul permit is in two parts:

Part I

  • Part I is the truck permit which contains carrier and vehicle information along with the applicable conditions.
  • This permit allows increased dimensions as indicated for:
    - the overall length when loaded.
    - the width of the bunk stakes, including rings and cables.
    - the height of the equipment or load, and
    - the overhang when loaded.
The Commercial Vehicle Dimension and Weight Regulation AR315/2002 applies to all other dimensions.
  • The maximum dimensions are:
    - Length 30.5 metres for long logs, 25.0 metres for short logs.
    - Width 3.2 metres
    - Height 4.8 metres
  • The maximum rear overhang from the center of last axle to the end of the logs is 9.0 metres, unless stated otherwise on the attached log haul route map.
  • The maximum front overhang from the center of the front bunk of a unit equipped with a pole trailer, or from the king pin for a semi-trailer is 3.0 metres. The maximum front overhang for jeep loggers is 4.5 metres.
  • The permit covers the movement of empty log bunks point to point provided:
    - the overall width including rings and cables does not exceed 3.2 metres.
    - headache rack lights are on at night.
    - the total height to the top of the bunk stakes does not exceed 5.1 metres,
    . when the pole trailer or jeep is loaded on the tractor unit.
  • The permit must have a copy of a validated "Part II" map attached to it.
  • One permit can apply to all of the trucks in a carrier's fleet. Copies of the permit must be carried in each truck.

Part II

  • Part II is the colour map which shows the approved log haul routes, with dimensional restrictions indicated by notes on the map. See sample Log Haul Route Map