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Information Bulletin - Intersection Safety

January 7, 2008

Take extra precaution at intersections during winter months

Edmonton…Motorists go through intersections many times a day and think little about it, but intersections are high-risk areas. More than one third of all traffic-related injuries are the result of collisions at intersections.

Motorists need to use caution when approaching and driving through intersections and follow the rules of the road. Slippery roads and limited visibility are common in winter months so motorists must slow down and give themselves and others more time for stopping at intersections across the province.

Drivers must be cautious at intersections and follow the rules of the road.

  • When approaching an intersection, always look for left-turning traffic.
  • Before turning right, check for bicycles along the curb or sidewalk.
  • If the light turns amber; don’t speed up trying to get through before the light turns red
  • At uncontrolled intersections, watch for vehicles that don't stop or yield; the law requires that the vehicle on the left yields the right-of-way to the vehicle on the right; this includes uncontrolled “T” intersections.
  • When waiting to turn left at an intersection, a driver may enter the intersection to wait for traffic to clear but keep the vehicle’s front wheels pointed straight ahead
  • A driver must come to a complete stop at a stop sign or red light before proceeding – the fine is $287 plus three demerits. 

Motorists must watch for pedestrians and:

  • yield the right of way to a pedestrian within a crosswalk – the fine is $575 plus four demerits;
  • yield the right of way to a pedestrian who intends to cross at a crosswalk, marked or unmarked, if the pedestrian, before leaving the curb, signals an intention to cross by holding their arm straight out and pointing across the road in the direction they want to go – the fine is $115;
  • watch for the elderly or people with disabilities who may take more time crossing the road; and
  • do not pass a vehicle that has stopped to allow pedestrians to cross a road.

Improving traffic safety is part of Premier Ed Stelmach’s plan to secure Alberta’s future by building communities, greening our growth and creating opportunity.

For more information about traffic safety, contact the Office of Traffic Safety at 780-422-8839 or visit http://www.saferoads.com/.

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Media enquiries may be directed to:
Liz Owens
Office of Traffic Safety
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To call toll-free within Alberta dial 310-0000.