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Callingwood Road/Anthony Henday Drive Interchange

Construction began September 21, 2009 on the Lessard Road and Callingwood Road interchanges at Anthony Henday Drive. The Governments of Canada and Alberta will each contribute $22.3 million toward the $44.6-million project that will be complete in the fall of 2011.

Update (December 1, 2010) - Excellent progress was made during the 2010 construction season at both the Callingwood Road and Lessard Road interchange sites. At both bridges, substructures were completed, girders were erected, and concrete bridge decks were cast. Concrete curbs and barriers were completed at the Callingwood Road bridge. Despite the rainy summer, the bulk of the earthwork associated with roadway construction was completed during the 2010 construction season. Surfacing of the roadways was started and the initial lift of asphalt was placed at several locations. With the exception of the erection of street light posts, construction activities at both sites have been suspended for the winter. Construction activities will resume again in spring 2011, and will include completion of both bridge structures, grading and paving of roadway tie-ins at Callingwood Road and Lessard Road, paving of all new roadways, landscaping, and sign erection. The construction project is on budget and on schedule to open in fall 2011.


Governments of Canada and Alberta break ground on two ring road interchanges in southwest Edmonton - September 21, 2009

 Lessard Road and Anthony Henday Drive intersection closure in Edmonton - May 13, 2011

Open House #2

An open house was held on June 9, 2008.  Below is the information presented:

Bridge Cross Section (pdf 110 KB) Plan Profile for Callingwood (pdf 4.72 MB)
Recommended Alternative (pdf 3.64 MB) Frequently Asked Questions for Callingwood (pdf 443 KB)

Open House #1

An open house was held on March 26, 2008. The information presented at this open house is below:

Open House Handout for Both Interchanges
(2 pages - 1.05 MB)
Whitemud Drive to Lessard Road (9.01MB)
Existing Intersection (11.00 MB)
Different Types of Interchanges (151.93 KB)
Pros and Cons of the Interchange Types
(340.48 KB)
Recommended Option (17.73 MB)
  Comment Sheet