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Vehicle Inspection Program News


January 2017 (pdf 447 K)

October 2016 (pdf 92 K)

March 2013 (pdf 507 K)

July 2011 (pdf 528 K)

February 2011 (pdf 500 K)

September 2010 (pdf 281 K)

June 2010 (pdf 466 K)

December 2009 (pdf 119K)

May 2008 (pdf 4.76MB)


Bulletins, Notices & Brochures

Salvage Changes Notice (pdf 239K)

Flood Vehicles Notice (pdf 257K)

eFacility Update Bulletin (pdf 258K)

Educational and Technical Support Team Announcement (pdf 247K)

Notice To All Commercial Vehicle Inspection Technicians (pdf 286 K)

15 Passenger Van Use Information for Albertans (pdf 434K)

Vehicle Inspection Regulation (pdf 494K)


Vehicle Safety Current Events


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