Municipal Grant Program Refinements

"NEW": Municipal Cost-Sharing Requirement Eliminated from Basic Municipal Transportation

Advisory: February 1, 2011


The overall objectives of the grant consolidation are to streamline Alberta Transportation's municipal grants so that they are similar in structure, and simplify administration for both the department and municipalities.

The government is pleased to advise of changes to the Basic Municipal Transportation Grant (BMTG) (Basic Capital Grant (BCG) and Street Improvement Program (SIP) components) to allow municipalities increased flexibility in addressing their local transportation needs.  Commencing in 2011:

  • The 25% municipal cost-share requirement is eliminated under the BCG, SIP and SIP for Hamlets components; and
  • Allow the new "aggregated" BMTG allocation (Rural Transportation Grants (RTG) plus SIP for Hamlets) for rural municipalities to be used on any eligible transportation/road project, regardless of their location within the rural municipality.

Note:  The BMTG program guidelines on the website will be updated accordingly.