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Provincial Hours of Service Training Information


Provincial Hours of Service Regulations

Alberta Transportation has implemented hours of service legislation that applies to carriers who operate “provincial” commercial vehicles that:

  • are registered for a weight of 11,794 kilograms or more and that operate only in Alberta; or
  • have a manufactured seating capacity of 11 persons or more, including the driver.

The following training material is offered to Alberta drivers and carriers.  Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in these documents is accurate at the time of preparation.  This information may be all that the carrier believes its drivers require to obtain the knowledge in hours of service needed to competently and safely do their jobs.  Alternatively, the information may form part of a larger training program delivered over several weeks or months. 

The reader is invited to reproduce all or part of these documents; however, at no time should this information be altered nor used in a manner that would change the intended meaning of the material or its accuracy.  

Bus Information

 Powerpoint (ppt 1.8M)  Exercise (pdf 51K)  Exam (pdf 65K)  Answer Key (pdf 21K)

Truck Information

 Powerpoint (ppt 3.6M)  Exercise (pdf 52K)  Exam (pdf 96K)  Answer Key (pdf 17K)


Hours of Service Training by a Consultant

For those companies that may want to hire a consultant company to provide hours of service training for their drivers, a list of consultants who offer this training is available.  This listing is NOT an endorsement by Alberta Transportation of the training or of the training provider. It is only intended as a guide to assist industry with achieving compliance and protecting the safety of the public and the carrier’s employees.  This list is available here (pdf 105K).

More Information

For more information about provincial hours of service requirements, refer to the education manual or contact Carrier Services.