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As of April 1, 2014 all new and renewing inspection facilities will be required to complete inspections using the eFacility system.  This will mean that any inspection facility with an expiration date after April 1, 2014 will be required to start using eFacility upon renewal.

eFacility allows Inspection Facilities to complete inspection certificates and records of inspection online, rather than completing carbon copy forms.

Benefits of eFacility

*    No need to purchase Record of Inspection forms
*    No need to purchase Out of Province or Salvage inspection certificates
*    The cost of Commercial Vehicle Inspection Decals has been reduced from $63/book to $30/book
*    No more rejected inspection certificates
*    No need to mail in green copies of inspection certificates
*    Warning messages if the facility or technician licences are due to expire in the next 30 days
*    Automatically populates vehicle information from the motor vehicle database
*    Provides a central location for reference material
*    No cost to sign up!

Facilities will need to contact the Vehicle Safety Section to obtain a user ID for eFacility.  Each facility is responsible for determining individuals at their facility that require access to eFacility.  Users do not need to be a licensed technician in the Vehicle Inspection Program, but the Inspection Facility is ultimately responsible for any and all inspections it issues in the eFacility program.

Once a facility has signed up to use the eFacility program, it is not able to continue using carbon copy inspection certificates. NOTE – Commercial vehicle inspection facilities will be able to keep a partial pad of carbon Commercial Vehicle Inspection Certificates.  These certificates are only to be used to replace certificates that were previously rejected.

How to Get Started

Option #1:  Wait to receive your renewal notice.  Information on eFacility will be included with the renewal information.

Option #2:  Start using eFacility before your licence renewal by contacting a Vehicle Inspection Program Records Analyst at trans.eFacility@gov.ab.ca.  The Records Analyst will provide you with information on signing up for eFacility early.

Updates and Newsletters

eFacility Newsletter - January 13, 2014  (pdf 420K)

eFacility Update Bulletin - October 24, 2013  (pdf 445K)

To login or sign up to eFacility, click here.

For the eFacility user guide, click here.

For more information, please contact Vehicle Safety