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Class 5 Program

The Class 5 classroom curriculum is intended to educate new drivers regarding the rules of the road and driving skills. School owners must decide to use the Alberta Class 5 Curriculum or submit a curriculum for assessment prior to implementation. Program structures and delivery information for the Class 5 curriculum are covered below.

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Program Materials

Class 5 Driver Education: A Guide for Instructors (pdf 53.8 MB)

To order Class 5 Driver Education: A Guide for Students, visit Alberta Queen's Printer: http://www.qp.alberta.ca/

For technical support to play the electronic presentation from the DVD Technical Support (pdf 400 KB)

To implement your own curriculum, refer to Class 5 Curriculum (pdf 109 KB) and Definitions of Class 5 Curriculum Components (pdf 505 KB)

Program Structure

Summary of 2012 Class 5 Driver Education Changes (pdf 212 KB)

FAQs: New Class 5 Driver Education (pdf 307KB)

Downloadable Forms

Class 5 Driver Education Student Classroom Record DPLS0025 (pdf 125 KB)

Classroom Curriculum Outline and Approval Checklist DPLS0026 (pdf 136 KB)

Alberta Transportation will assess an alternate Class 5 classroom curriculum three times maximum. If the curriculum is returned after the third assessment without an approval for use from Alberta Transportation, the driving school owner must decide to either implement the Alberta Class 5 Curriculum or not deliver the Class 5 classroom component.

Licensed Driving Instructor Record of Instruction DPLS0027 (pdf 122 KB)

Class 5 Driving Instructor Requirements

All instructors delivering the Class 5 Curriculum must be licensed. For information on becoming a Class 5 Instructor, visit: Driving Instructors

Licensed Class 5 Driver Training Schools

All schools that deliver Class 5 driver education must be licensed and their programs must be delivered by licensed Class 5 Instructors. For information on becoming a licensed Class 5 driver training school, visit: Driver Education Organizations