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Alberta Traffic Safety Plan

The Alberta government has taken on the challenge of improving traffic safety by moving ahead with a comprehensive, made-in-Alberta Traffic Safety Plan (TSP).

Alberta’s Traffic Safety Plan: Saving Lives on Alberta’s Roads is a comprehensive strategy designed to reduce traffic-related deaths and injuries in the province. It outlines key initiatives to help prevent motor vehicle collisions, build safer roads, enforce traffic laws, and better educate all Albertans about traffic safety.

The Traffic Safety Plan was developed in response to the McDermid Report, “Saving Lives on Alberta’s Roads: Report and Recommendations for a Traffic Collision Fatality and Injury Reduction Strategy.” The McDermid Report was the result of an independent review of the government’s traffic safety programs aimed at finding the most effective ways to change driver habits and reduce collisions.

The Alberta Traffic Safety Action Plan is a three-year strategy that was developed to ensure that the specific activities of the Traffic Safety Plan are implemented in a manageable time frame.

Annual operational plans were also developed to help move the strategies forward:

Office of Traffic Safety Operational Plan (2010-2011) (pdf)

Learn more about the successor plan -- Traffic Safety Plan 2015


Communications and education play a vital role in the implementation of the TSP. The overarching communications strategy is outlined in the three-year Alberta Traffic Safety Communications Plan (2008-2010) (pdf 1.8MB).

Each year a communications action plan is developed based on the overall budget and traffic safety plan calendar:

Alberta Traffic Safety Communications Action Plan (2009-2010) (pdf)
Alberta Traffic Safety Communications Action Plan (2008-2009) (pdf)