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Traffic Safety Act
Traffic Safety Amendment Act, 2016 FAQs
             Provincial Offences Procedure Act - Procedures Regulation AR 233/89
             Access to Motor Vehicle Information Regulation AR 140/2003
             Alberta Transportation Safety Board Appeal Fees Regulation AR 259/2003
             For cargo securement standards, see NSC Standard 10: Cargo Securement
             Bill of Lading and Conditions of Carriage Regulations AR 313/2002
             Commercial Vehicle Certificate And Insurance Regulation AR 314/2002
             Commercial Vehicle Dimension and Weight Regulation AR 315/2002
             Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation AR 121/2009
             Consequential Amendments And Transitional Matters Regulation AR 115/2003
             Demerit Point Program And Service of Documents Regulation AR 331/2002
             Driver Training And Driver Examination Regulation AR 316/2002
             Drivers' Hours Of Service Regulation AR 317/2002
             Off-Highway Vehicle Regulation AR 319/2002
             Operator Licensing And Vehicle Control Regulation AR 320/2002
                    Special Vehicle Zone Maps:
                        Crowsnest Pass
                        Ft. McMurray
                        Grande Cache
             Service Restriction Regulation AR 321/2002
             Traffic Control Device Regulation AR 254/2004
             Use Of Highway And Rules Of The Road Regulation AR 304/2002
             Vehicle Equipment Regulation AR 122/2009
             Vehicle Inspection Regulation AR 211/2006
             Vehicle Seizure And Removal Regulation AR 251/2006

Related Legislation

Dangerous Goods Transportation and Handling Act
             Dangerous Goods Transportation and Handling Regulation AR 157/97
Highways Development and Protection Act
             Highways Development and Protection Act AR 326/2009 
Railway (Alberta) Act
             Public Railway Regulation AR 177/2002
             Heritage Railway Regulation AR 352/2009
             Industrial Railway Regulation AR 338/2009
Regional Airports Authorities Act
             Regional Airports Authorities Regulation AR 149/90
Government Organization Act
             Transportation Grants Regulation AR 79/2003
Provincial Parks Act
Water Act
Water, Gas and Electric Companies Act