Alberta Municipal Infrastructure Program (AMIP)

Program Description   (2005 to 2015)


The Alberta Municipal Infrastructure Program is a new program commencing in 2005 to assist municipalities in addressing their municipal capital infrastructure needs. 

Benefits of AMIP

This program provides financial assistance to municipalities to develop capital municipal infrastructure to maintain or enhance economic, social and cultural opportunity and well being, while protecting and improving the quality of our environment upon which people and economies Alberta depend.  

Funding under this program supports the development, enhancement and rehabilitation of core capital infrastructure projects, such as municipal roads, bridges, public transit vehicles and facilities, water and wastewater systems and facilities, storm drainage systems and facilities, emergency service vehicles and facilities and infrastructure management system software.  

Included in the list of eligible projects are design and engineering services, construction and rehabilitation, vehicle purchase, and land acquisition.  In addition, the program may include barrier-free transportation initiatives to improve accessibility for seniors and persons with disabilities. 

Where the core capital infrastructure needs have been addressed, the available funds may also include other capital projects, such as cultural and recreational facilities, community environmental and energy systems and facilities, solid waste management systems and facilities, municipal buildings and other municipal physical infrastructure.  

For specific details refer to the Administrative Procedures for this program.

Funding Policy

Grants under this program will be paid to each eligible municipality in annual increments over the first 5 years of the program up to their maximum allocation.  Following the first five year period, municipalities will have an additional five years to complete the projects initiated under the program.

Based on their estimated 2006 census population, each municipality will receive a grant allocation of approximately $180 per capita per year for the first three years of the program.  When the census data becomes available in 2007 it will be incorporated into the 2007 Official Population.  The actual per capita rate will be determined in 2007  based on a program cap of three billion dollars and the total 2007 Official Population.  The updated information will then be used to calculate the maximum grant allocation to each municipality and the payment increments for the following two years will be adjusted accordingly.     

The program provides conditional grants for capital-related projects which meet program eligibility criteria.  There is no requirement for a municipal funding contribution to projects accepted under this program.

The funding provided under this program is in addition to the municipality's normalized annual expenditures on capital municipal infrastructure.  The municipality will be required to maintain this normalized annual capital expenditure before utilizing the funds available under this program.