Use of Municipal Equipment and Forces on Government-Funded Projects (New Update) 

Advisory:  August 29, 2013

Municipalities have requested that they be allowed to use their municipal equipment and forces through some additional grant programs.  In response to this request in 2007, Cabinet agreed with the recommendation of the Cabinet Policy Committee on Managing Growth Pressure that the current policy be amended.

Municipalities have been able to undertake work through annual allocation-based grant programs, as a cost-shareable expenditure, with prior department approval.  Effective September 1, 2007, municipalities were able to use municipal equipment and forces on the following project-specific components of the Strategic Transportation Initiative Program: Resource Road Program, Cities Special Transportation Grant, and Community Airport Program; supported with an appropriate business case and with prior department approval.

The three-year sunset clause on this policy amendment has been extended by a further three-year period.  This policy amendment now expires on August 31, 2016.

This policy is only applicable to municipalities undertaking their own work.  A municipality may not bid on another municipality's competitive tenders.

Water for Life and Water/Wastewater projects and complex Local Road Bridge projects are not included in this amendment.

Municipalities are responsible to provide sufficient and appropriate information to the regional office in order to obtain department approval for municipal equipment and forces to be cost-shared on approved projects.