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Resource Road Program

The Resource Road Program (RRP) provides funding assistance to local municipal road authorities for the movement of goods and people, associated with value-added processing facilities, resource and other industries, intensified farming operations or high through-put grain elevators. In a number of rural areas in Alberta, these developments have resulted in significantly increased traffic volumes, particularly involving heavy trucks. This program provides funding to municipalities to construct or rehabilitate road infrastructure that supports this industrial growth.

Municipalities eligible for funding under RRP are Counties, Municipal Districts, Métis Settlements, Special Areas, Towns, Villages, Summer Villages, and any Specialized Municipalities outside the defined urban service area.

The program applies to local roads and bridges, including intersection improvements where local roads connect with provincial highways.  To be eligible for funding, roads must be open to all publicly-licensed vehicles and not be subject to any municipal general user fees.

Funding Policy

$7 million in RRP funding has been allocated for 2017-18. For approved projects, cost-shared funding will be provided on a 50 per cent provincial/50 per cent municipal basis, up to a maximum provincial grant amount of $3 million per project.

Please note: Municipalities are only eligible to receive one project approval every two years, regardless of the size of the project.

The applicant municipality is encouraged to provide 25 per cent of the funding required, and to acquire a contribution of 25 per cent from the private sector that will benefit from the project. Additional weighting will be given to projects leveraging alternative funding sources (i.e., federal or private industry contribution).

Click here to view or download STIP application guidelines, including RRP.

Updated November 2016


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