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Grant Reporting Templates

As outlined in the Administrative Procedures or Funding Agreements for various municipal grant programs, the following application and reporting templates are available for downloading to facilitate the required annual application and financial reporting procedures under those programs.



Due Date

Templates Examples
Project Profile  April 1

xls 62 KB

xls 47 KB

Application for Program Acceptance April 1

xls 90 KB

xls 2,147 KB

Statement of Funding and Expenditures  June 30

xls 101 KB

xls 69 KB

Multi-Year Capital Infrastructure Plan  -

xls 77 KB

xls 55 KB

Declaration format for use of AMIP funds on non-core projects -

wwp 26 KB

Final Payment Claim Form (Project Specific Agreement) -

xls 28 KB


The completed forms should be returned to the Regional Director in your area.

Project Profiles may be submitted at any time. For convenience, they may be submitted as a group along with the annual Application for Program Acceptance.

The electronic filing of these forms with the Alberta Transportation Regional Office is encouraged, however, any forms requiring a signature are not considered official until the hard copy with an original signature is received. When filing electronically, the XLS file format is preferred.

Completed Electronic forms may be emailed to Municipal.Programs@gov.ab.ca

For full application and reporting assistance refer to the Administrative Procedures or your regional contact.


Updated December 2013