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The Traffic Safety Act provides the Registrar with wide ranging powers; including the issuance of permits and the licensing and monitoring of drivers, commercial carriers and vehicles.

With respect to commercial carriers, the Registrar has the power to:

  • Issue or refuse to issue an Safety Fitness Certificate;
  • Issue or refuse to issue an Operating Authority Certificate;
  • Issue or refuse to issue a permit;
  • Change a carrierís the safety fitness rating;
  • Cancel or suspend a carrierís Safety Fitness or Operating Authority Certificate,† or permit;
  • Add a term or condition to a carrierís Certificate or permit;
  • Cancel or suspend a carrierís vehicle registration certificates;
  • Issue a carrier an Administrative Penalty.

The Traffic Safety Act provides a carrier the ability to appeal a Registrarís decision to the Alberta Transportation Safety Board. To appeal a Registrarís decision, the carrier must purchase an appeal package from an Alberta Registries Agent.† There are two types of Application for Hearing, non-oral which requires a written submission ($125) or an oral, which requires a personal appearance before the Board ($250). †In addition to the application fee, a Registry Agent fee will be charged.

Appeals must be relevant to the actions of the carrier and/or the Registrar leading up to the Registrarís decision.† Actions taken by the Carrier after the Registrarís decision may be pertinent to the carrier making a new application to the Registrar, but not to an appeal.

For more information about appealing a Registrarís decision, visit the Alberta Transportation Safety Boardís website at http://atsb.alberta.ca/505.htm .

Prior to submitting an appeal it is recommended you contact Carrier Services Section of Alberta Transportation to ensure you fully understand the decision of the Registrar and its impact.