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Bridges and Structures

Peace River Bridge at Dunvegan, Alberta

Bridges and structures located on the provincial highway network in Alberta are managed by Alberta Transportation (the Department). This includes the responsibility for overseeing design work, administering construction contracts, and inspecting and preserving existing infrastructure. Four geographically based regional branches (Peace, North Central, Central and Southern) actively manage the bridges and structures (see regional boundary map), while the Bridge Engineering Section of the Technical Standards Branch provide technical guidance, develop and maintain the technical standards, and provide coordination between the regions.

The location of bridge files across the province can be seen on a series of PDF maps.

Consultants carrying out engineering services for the Department shall follow the processes outlined in the two following Engineering Consultant Guidelines:

The Department’s technical guidelines and standards for Bridges and Structures are available at the following links:

Consultants working on bridge engineering assignments for the department may find useful information and details on the history of a bridge in correspondence files.  The Request for Corporate Bridge Information guide and associated form provide details on arranging access to this information.

 Department Contacts:


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