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Information for New Bidders

There are two mandatory requirements for Contractors to bid on Alberta Transportationís highway, bridge, and water management tenders:

  • Registration with Alberta Government Services, Corporate Registry. For information on registration of your corporation only, please contact Corporate Registry at www.servicealberta.gov.ab.ca/ or by telephone at (780) 427-2311 and,
  • The Contractor must be safety certified.†This is achieved through a Certificate of Recognition (COR) or a valid Temporary Letter of Certification (TLC) recognized by Alberta Human Resources and Employment, Workplace Health and Safety.†For information on specific certification requirements, please contact the Alberta Construction Safety Association.

Potential Bidders are advised that these requirements are solely the responsibility of the bidder, and may take time to obtain.

All tender opportunities, and their eventual results, are advertised electronically on the Alberta Purchasing Connection website. Please see the†consulting and tendering opportunities page for more information.

Please contact Sohrab Sohrabiaraghi, Director of Procurement Strategy and Planning, if you have any questions or comments regarding the information on this page.