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Cochrane Interchange

Budget 2017 includes funding to begin the process for building an interchange at Highway 1A and Highway 22 in the Town of Cochrane.  The intersection, which sees an average of more than 27,000 vehicles per day, was originally planned to be a widened at-grade intersection but with the significant growth in the Town of Cochrane over the years, the town would outgrow the intersection within 10 years. After Alberta Transportation consulted with the Town of Cochrane and considered the future role of Highway 22, an interchange at this location was thought to be best alternative to alleviate the operational issues well into the future.

Project Details

The project is estimated to cost between $40 to 50 million. It will include:

  • Twinning of Highway 1A under a twinned Highway 22 structure;
  • Construction of a twinned Highway 22 bridge structure over the CPR mainline;
  • Ramps to access both Highway 1A and 22; and,
  • Highway 1A bridges over Big Hill Creek.

Project Timelines

Selection of an engineering consultant will begin in 2017. Once design and engineering are complete construction could begin as early as Fall 2019, and is expected to take about two years to complete construction. Once the design process is complete, a more detailed proje timeline will be available.

Project Benefits

This project will support economic development in Alberta by improving access, allowing efficient movement of goods and people through the town to access Highway 1 to the south and the Highway 22 corridor to the north, in particular the larger truck traffic that currently uses corridor. The project will reduce congestion currently experienced at this location due to the local topography, significant development growth, adjacent rail line impacts and ultimately upgraded Highway 1A to the east.

Additional details of the project are available here.

Questions about this project? Email Philip.Luchka@gov.ab.ca.