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Approved Public Transit Projects

Approved Public Transit projects

As of April 18, 2018, the Governments of Canada and Alberta have committed$495.1 million to Alberta transit projects, with federal funding coming from the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) and the provincial matching from theGreen Transit Incentives Program (GreenTRIP).

Under a bilateral agreement signed by Alberta and Canada on September 1, 2016, the Government of Canada will fund up to a maximum of 50 per cent of the eligible project costs. The Government of Alberta and municipalities will fund the balance.

Alberta will continue to work with municipalities as they request changes to the scope and/or design of the approved projects.

Approved projects under the federal PTIF and provincial GreenTRIP program

Municipality Project name Federal funding Provincial funding
Airdrie Replacement of existing rolling stock vehicle to enhance service to transit customers $34,266 $68,534
Airdrie Installation of cycling infrastructure to support active transportation for first/last mile to regional transit stops $13,332 $26,668
Airdrie Implementation of mobile ticketing technology $23,331 $46,669
Airdrie Implementation of new technology to remove public transit barriers for customers with vision loss $20,000 $40,000
Airdrie Development of a user fee and revenue strategy $13,332 $26,668
Airdrie Investment in new transit stops to support dynamic transit model $33,330 $66,670
Airdrie Implementation of new technology to improve service alerts with transit customers $10,000 $20,000
Airdrie Bus rehabilitation program for high capacity articulated buses $94,567 $189,163
Black Diamond Local Inter-Municipal Transit System Development $46,000 $300,000
Bow Valley Regional Transit Services Banff Local transit service expansion $862,500 $862,500
Bow Valley Regional Transit Services Banff Design and Implementation Plan for service between Lake Louise and Banff $35,000 $35,000
Bow Valley Regional Transit Services Banff/Canmore NextBus arrival signs $30,000 $66,600
Bow Valley Regional Transit Services Banff/Canmore Farebox upgrades $80,000 $183,150
Calgary 17 Ave SE BRT - Phase 2 $42,500,000 $21,250,000
Calgary Light Rail Transit (LRT) station refurbishment $13,485,000 $6,742,500
Calgary Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) $12,500,000 $6,250,000
Calgary Green Line LRT - utility relocations - SE corridor $25,000,000 $12,500,000
Calgary Green Line LRT - utility relocations - Central and North corridors $12,200,000 $6,100,000
Calgary Green Line LRT - land preparation $45,550,000 $22,775,000
Calgary Green Line LRT - transit bus improvements $2,500,000 $1,250,000
Canmore Bus storage facility $100,500 $100,500
Cochrane Review of existing transit feasibility studies to identify next steps for delivery of local and regional transit services $25,000 $12,500
Cochrane Construction of bus stops and bus shelters $25,000 $12,500
Cold Lake Replacement of two aging core fleet vehicles to modernize transit fleet and increase accessibility $174,000 $666,700
Edmonton Heritage Valley Park and Ride $14,994,000 $7,497,000
Edmonton Edmonton Lakewood transit centre busway renewal $689,000 $344,500
Edmonton Bus Fleet Growth Electric Buses $21,563,000 $10,781,500
Edmonton Design LRT System Expansion $48,204,226 $24,102,113
LRT Design: Valley Line, Downtown to Lewis Farms
LRT Design: Metro Line, NAIT to Blatchford
LRT Preliminary Design: Capital Line, Century Park to Ellerslie
LRT Concept Planning: Downtown Circulator, University to Bonnie Doon
LRT Preliminary Design: Metro Line Blatchford to Campbell Road
Churchill LRT Station - Design
Design: Refurbishment of Stadium LRT Station
Design: Refurbishment of Coliseum LRT Station
Design: Replace Ferrier Garage Bus Storage Tents with a Permanent Structure
Edmonton LRT Renewal and Upgrades $16,181,774 $8,090,887
D.L. MacDonald LRT Transit Yard Traction Power Substation Upgrade
LRT NE Crossings - Safety Improvements
LRT NE Traction Power Distribution System Upgrade (Feeders
LRT Surface Stations Warning Tile Replacement
Bay and Corona LRT Station Floor Tiles - Lifecycle Replacement
LRT D.L.MacDonald Garage Diesel Generator Tank and Waste Oil Tank Replacement
Central LRT Station Platform Ceiling - Lifecycle Replacement
Corona LRT Station Concourse Ceiling - Lifecycle Replacement
Clareview LRT Station East Parking Lot Paving
Upgrade LRT Station lighting to LED
Upgrade Tunnel lighting to LED
Edmonton Bus Fleet Purchases and Upgrades $29,995,000 $14,977,500
Bus Renewal - Sixty Foot Articulated buses vs Forty Foot Low Floor buses
Bus Renewal - Forty Foot Low Floor Buses
Bus Renewal - Community Service Buses
Bus Renewal - Disabled Adult Transit Service (DATS) Buses
Bus Seating - Reupholster seats on 50 buses with superior fabric without padding
Replacement Buses
Bus Camera Systems
Transit Priority Measures
LRV Vehicle Seating - Replace with Plastic/Fibreglass
Edmonton Transit Centre and Busway Renewal $13,741,000 $6,870,500
Belvedere Transit Centre Terminal Renewal
Castledowns Transit Centre Terminal Renewal
Jasper Place Transit Centre Terminal Renewal
Northgate Transit Centre Busway Renewal
Castledowns Transit Centre Busway Renewal
West Edmonton Mall Transit Centre Busway Renewal
Jasper Place Transit Centre Busway Renewal
Meadowlark Transit Centre Busway Renewal
Capilano Transit Centre Busway Renewal
Westmount Transit Centre Busway Renewal
Stadium Transit Centre Busway Renewal
Coliseum Transit Centre Busway Renewal
Upgrade Transit Centre Buildings lighting to LED
Upgrade Transit Centre Platform lighting to LED
Fort Saskatchewan Northern transfer location upgrades $75,000 $37,500
Fort Saskatchewan Bus stop infrastructure upgrades/construction $34,000 $17,000
Grande Prairie Electronic fare collection Phase 2 - additional upgrades and gestures $141,000 $141,000
Grande Prairie Mobile ticketing system to increase digital system accessibility $112,500 $112,500
Grande Prairie Transit scheduling software $50,000 $50,000
Grande Prairie Onboard camera system retrofitting $87,500 $87,500
Grande Prairie Automated passenger counter system $37,500 $37,500
Grande Prairie Solar energy system including battery storage for electric buses $800,000 $800,000
Grande Prairie Real-time passenger information digital signage $45,000 $45,000
Grande Prairie Transit garage electrical infrastructure upgrades $17,500 $17,500
Leduc Bus pull-out construction $42,500 $21,250
Leduc Purchase of replacement specialized transit (LATS) bus $42,881 $21,440
Leduc Purchase of garbage/recycling units plus cigarette disposal units for bus stops $21,620 $10,810
Leduc Construction of concrete bus stops for passengers to safely await buses $25,500 $12,750
Lethbridge Lethbridge Transit Terminal and Regional Park-n-Ride $2,027,000 $2,027,000
Medicine Hat Transit facility rehabilitation and upgrades $1,090,000 $1,090,000
Medicine Hat Intelligent transit technology $125,000 $125,000
Medicine Hat Intelligent transit technology upgrades for para transit services $275,000 $275,000
Medicine Hat Accessible bus stop upgrades $167,500 $167,500
Medicine Hat Review of conventional and para transit service delivery models $50,000 $50,000
Medicine Hat Replacement conventional and para transit buses $376,500 $376,500
Pincher Creek Transit Service: Purchase One CNG Bus and Five Passenger Shelters and Benches $46,000 $303,333
Red Deer Storage structure rehabilitation for transit action buses $1,112,500 $1,112,500
Red Deer Bus stop accessibility upgrades $1,050,000 $1,050,000
Red Deer Replacement of transit buses $3,276,000 $3,276,000
Red Deer System wide intelligent transit enhancements Phase 2 $1,145,500 $1,145,500
Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (Fort McMurray) Design and construction of 2 mini terminals /transfer stations with bus bay turnouts $3,451,000 $6,549,000
Spruce Grove Bus stop upgrades $39,871 $19,935
Spruce Grove Long range regional transit plan $37,380 $18,690
Spruce Grove Purchase of 1 bus for local service $108,750 $54,375
St. Albert Purchase of new conventional electric buses $1,875,000 $937,500
St. Albert Replace hoists in transit garage $122,000 $61,000
Strathcona County Conventional Transit Bus Replacement Program to achieve 100% accessibility $934,983 $1,766,054
Strathcona County Specialized transit bus replacement $150,000 $75,000
Strathcona County Ordze Transit Centre revitalization project $425,000 $212,500
Turner Valley Park-n-Ride Facility Construction $46,000 $300,000
Whitecourt New Whitecourt transit bus $74,000 $266,666