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Roadside Development

Alberta Transportation provides assistance to landowners, developers, consultants, municipalities, and all Albertans who are interested in developments near provincial highways.

Contact Us - District Office Contact List & Map
If you are looking to develop near a highway or have questions about highway work in your area, one of the best places to start is to contact your nearest Alberta Transportation District Office.

Roadside Development Application
Landowners and developers should contact their local municipality about proposed developments. In addition to contacting the municipality, a permit from Alberta Transportation is required for roadside developments within the development control zone (300 metres from provincial right-of-way or within 800 metres of the centerline of a highway and public road intersection).

Special Event Applications
For groups/organizations looking at hosting a special/filming event on a Provincial Highway.

Sign Installation Application
A permit from Alberta Transportation is required to install or change a sign within the development control zone (300 metres from the provincial right-of-way or within 800 metres of the centerline of a highway and public road intersection).

Election Signs - Installation Guidelines (pdf 4.75 M)
Alberta Transportation provides guidelines for the safe installation of election signs on Alberta highways. If a sign is in contravention of the guidelines, a peace officer or a person authorized by the road authority may, without notice or compensation, remove the sign.

Cutting hay in the Right-of-Way (pdf 730 K)
Alberta Transportation reminds everyone that permits are required prior to cutting hay in the highway right-of-way for personal use.

Access management (pdf 299 K)
An access is a location where vehicles enter, leave or cross a provincial highway, such as a private driveway or public roadway. Alberta Transportation manages where accesses are located and the design of highway accesses. A permit from Alberta Transportation is required for new accesses and when there is a proposal to increase traffic at an access.

Who Pays for Highway Improvements for Subdivision and Development (pdf 75 K)
When a new subdivision or development is proposed, it often generates new traffic that results in the need to construct road improvements.  Alberta Transportation's "Who Pays for Highway Improvements" policy requires that municipalities, through the developers, fund improvements to highway connections required as a result of increased traffic caused by subdivision and development.  Under the Municipal Government Act, Subdivision and Development Regulation and Off-site Levies Regulation, municipalities have the ability to apply conditions to subdivisions and development, collect fees and off-site levies, and receive provincial transportation grants which can be used to fund highway improvements.

Traffic Impact Assessment Guidelines (pdf 173 K)
Traffic Impact Assessments are valuable tools for analyzing traffic generated by proposed developments. Alberta Transportation has developed guidelines to assist qualified engineers in completing an assessment report on behalf of a developer or municipality.

Permits are required for the following list of activities that occur on or near provincial highways:
Notification of Seismic Operations
Placement of an Electrical Facility
Placement of Underground Oil and Gas Pipelines
Placement of Water/Sewer Pipeline
Roadside Development Application
Sign Installation Application
Telecommunications Installation

Apply Online

In addition to fax and mail, Alberta Transportation accepts permits in pdf format online.  Send your application to these Alberta Transportation District Offices. 

Lethbridge District: transdevelopmentlethbridge@gov.ab.ca

Calgary District: transdevelopmentcalgary@gov.ab.ca

Red Deer District: transdevelopmentreddeer@gov.ab.ca

Hanna District: transdevelopmenthanna@gov.ab.ca

Vermilion District: transdevelopmentvermilion@gov.ab.ca

Fort McMurray: Application.Permit.FM@gov.ab.ca

Stony Plain District: transdevelopmentstonyplain@gov.ab.ca

Edson District: transdevelopmentedson@gov.ab.ca

Athabasca District: transdevelopmentathabasca@gov.ab.ca

Peace River District: transdevelopmentpeaceriver@gov.ab.ca

Grande Prairie District: transdevelopmentgrandeprairie@gov.ab.ca