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Provincial Construction Program

2016-19 Major Construction Projects

  • Major Provincial Highway
  • Water Management

Provincial highway and flood related projects 201619

Provincial map with 2016-19 projects

The attached three-year provincial construction and rehabilitation plan lists the major projects where substantive work is anticipated to be complete or undertaken between 2016-17 and 2018-19, subject to provincial funding and priorities.

This list is tentative:

  • Projects that are under contract or tendered are identified stating the year of construction.
  • Other projects are being designed, rights of way being negotiated and the acquisition of permits underway. These projects will commence as planned in the provincial program dependent upon the timely completion of the design and availability of funding.
  • Minor changes to the program may be required as newer information becomes available. In particular, final paving, pavement overlays and bridge rehabilitation may be added and/or deleted from the program depending on how the roadway or bridge condition changes throughout the year.

Not identified in the program are some of the bridge rehabilitation projects and local improvements such as minor slide repairs and intersection upgrades; small carry-over projects from 2015-16; and general expenditures such as chip seal coats, lighting, preliminary (consultant) engineering and future rights-of-way. Additionally, minor safety-related improvements might be added as identified, generally in conjunction with larger projects.