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Insurance Requirements

The National Safety Code program provides minimal standards for carrier safety compliance. To maintain an acceptable safety fitness rating, a carrier must have a good safety record and the minimum insurance coverage required by Alberta legislation.

The Commercial Vehicle Certificate and Insurance Regulation (AR 314/2002) sets out the minimum insurance requirements as follows:

  • Section 24, Cargo Insurance requires carriers to maintain insurance to cover against loss of or damage to goods transported. Insurance requirements range from $600 to $32,000 depending on the gross vehicle weight of the vehicle.
  • Section 25, Liability Insurance requires all carriers to maintain at least $1 million coverage and those transporting certain types of dangerous goods at least $2 million coverage.
  • Section 26, Passenger Insurance requires carriers conducting a passenger service to maintain passenger hazard insurance of either $1 million or $2 million coverage depending on the number of passengers the vehicle can transport.
  • Section 27, Taxi Insurance requires taxi companies to maintain at least $1 million of passenger hazard insurance.

The above is a summary of insurance requirements set out in legislation. For detailed insurance requirements for the passenger transport industry and cargo insurance, please refer to the Commercial Vehicle Certificate and Insurance Regulation (AR 314/2002).

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