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Safety Compliance Overview

Carriers are expected to achieve and maintain a high level of safety compliance by adopting effective safety management practices. Alberta Transportation promotes safety in the carrier industry through the administration of the National Safety Code (NSC).

The department participated in the development and implementation of Canada’s NSC for commercial vehicles. It is important to note that the NSC is not legislation, but rather a minimum standard.

Alberta Transportation is responsible for the coordination and delivery of national standards relating to the NSC for approximately 21,000 bus and truck carriers. All NSC bus and truck carriers are monitored under the carrier profile system and are subject to the Progressive Discipline Program.

NSC delivery requires:

  • Department consultation with all industry segments
  • Any regulatory reform be practical
  • Overall concerns of the public are addressed
  • Highway safety is maintained
  • NSC implementation contributes to a reduction in collisions and protects the highway infrastructure

Alberta Transportation ensures all carriers are licensed according to provincial and federal requirements. This involves the application and issuing of safety fitness certificates, as well as the monitoring of carrier safety and maintenance programs. Components of the NSC as implemented in Alberta are reviewed during a facility audit.

Additional monitoring of liability, cargo and passenger hazard insurance is undertaken by the administrative group. This group is responsible for the distribution of the carrier profiles and supports the activities of the Registrar and the Alberta Transportation Safety Board.

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