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Carrier Profiles

Alberta Transportation gathers enforcement information from across North America related to carriers authorized to operate commercial vehicles. This information includes:
  • Convictions against the carrier and its drivers
  • Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) inspections
  • Collision Information
  • Facility Audit Information

The department's Carrier Profile system is used to consolidate all information collected and can be used to identify carriers who propose a safety risk to other highway users.

Effective October 01, 2007 Carrier Profiles will now include US Collision and CVSA Inspection data.

There are two types of documents that can be requested, a Public Profile or a Carrier Profile.  The following are examples of those profiles.

Sample of Public Profile (pdf 37K)
Sample of Carrier Profile (pdf 416K) (available only to the Carrier)

A carrier can benefit from reviewing their Carrier Profile on a regular basis.  The department supplies two free profiles per year to encourage this practice. 

Part 6 - Carrier Monitoring data is populated the first Sunday of each month for the previous months data.  It is recommended that you request your profiles the first Monday of every month for the previous months data.

Carriers are now able to obtain Carrier Profiles from the web at:


All efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of Carrier Profile data.  If a carrier identifies a significant inaccuracy, they should write the Manager, National Safety Code (NSC) and Operating Authority (OA).

To obtain a copy of your Carrier Profile, complete the Carrier Profile Request (pdf 100K) and submit it to the Manager of  NSC/OA (the address is available under "Carrier Services" link below).  

To obtain a copy of a Public Profile, complete the Public Profile Request (pdf  24K) and submit it to the Manager of NSC/OA.  A Public Profile is available to any person other than someone employed by the carrier. 

For more details on the department's Carrier Profile system, consult:.

For more information or for a copy of a Carrier Profile, please contact:

  Carrier Services