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Progressive Discipline Program

The Progressive Discipline Program used by the Carrier Services department ensures that carriers demonstrating non-compliance are approached in a consistent, fair and objective manner. The program is intended to promote positive changes in corporate behavior. It has clearly defined steps, yet it is flexible enough to allow for special circumstances.

The Compliance Review Committee which is comprised of senior departmental staff conducts the departmental review and makes recommendations to the Registrar for possible action.

Where a carrier's performance represents an unacceptable risk to the public, Carrier Services will intervene with the carrier to encourage necessary change. Intervention is progressive in nature and may include:

  • A letter to the carrier advising them of compliance issues
  • Court action for specific violations
  • An administrative penalty
  • Loss of any privileges granted by the department (e.g. permit, station licence)
  • Conditions being imposed on the carrier's Safety Fitness Certificate or any other certificate
  • Cancellation of one or more vehicle registration certificates
  • Suspension of a certificate for a period of time
  • Cancellation of a certificate
  • Change in the carrier's safety fitness rating. Possible rating assigned by the Registrar include:
    • Satisfactory
    • Satisfactory Unaudited (the standard rating)
    • Conditional (where additional conditions and standards are imposed on a carrier's operation)
    • Unsatisfactory (where the carrier is prohibited from operating commercial vehicles on the highway)

The options, priority and speed at which the department intervenes with a carrier are determined by the risk the carrier poses to the public. If the progressive disciplinary process does not create positive change in the carrier's practices and they remain a risk to the public, the carrier can lose their ability to operate.

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