Safety Certification

Alberta Transportation is committed to establishing and maintaining a safe work place for consultants, contractors, and government employees.  For this reason the Department requires most contractors and consultants working on Department contracts to have safety certification that is recognized by Alberta Human Resources and Employment, Workplace Health and Safety.

Possession of a Certificate of Recognition (COR) or a Temporary Letter of Certification (TLC) issued by the Alberta Construction Safety Association will be considered acceptable.  A small employer’s certificate of recognition is not considered acceptable by the Department.

A valid COR or TLC is a mandatory requirement for the following types of work:

  •  All construction services work for highways, bridges and water management projects;

  • All highway/bridge  maintenance;

  • All consulting agreements, where the work is classified to be high hazard as defined in the Occupational Heath and Safety Regulations

Vendors who do not currently possess a COR, but wish to obtain information about obtaining a COR or TLC, shall contact:

            The Alberta Construction Safety Association
            #101, 13025 - St. Albert Trail
            Edmonton, AB, T5L 5G2
            Telephone: (780) 453-3311 or 1-800-661-2272
            Fax: (780) 455-1120