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Departmental Briefings and Updates

Air Quality and Climate Change Briefings and Updates


Air Quality and Climate Change Briefings
Air Quality and Climate Change Updates

Air Quality and Climate Change Briefings:

Fuel Efficiency Drivers' Training Course (pdf 17KB) March 2006
Pavement Structure and Vehicle Fuel Consumption (pdf 814KB) March 2006
Fuel Use Relative to Population - A Provincial Analysis (pdf 31KB) February 2006
Highway Speeds and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (pdf 21KB) February 2006
Sulphur Levels in Gasoline and Diesel (pdf 22KB) February 2006
The Vulnerability and Adaptation of the Transportation Sector to Climate Change (pdf 321KB) February 2006
Truck Stop Electrification (TSE)(pdf 65KB) February 2006
Alternative Technologies for Passenger Vehicles (pdf 33KB) November 2005
Biodiesel: Background and Information (pdf 19KB November 2005
Natural Gas Vehicles in Alberta (pdf 23KB) November 2005
Diesel Particulate Filter Pilot Project (pdf 27KB) September 2004
Quantification of Greenhouse Gases Produced by the Road Transportation Sector in Alberta Using a Traffic Volume Methodology (pdf 462KB) August 2003
Vehicle Inspection/Maintenance Programs and Other Alternatives to Decrease Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Road Transportation in Alberta (pdf 34KB) October 2002

Alternative Fuel Technologies (pdf 45KB) February 2000
Off-Road Vehicles and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (pdf 27KB) February 2000
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Air Quality and Climate Change Updates:

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