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Stoney Trail (Spy Hill) Lands Development Project

In 2005, the Pit Development, Operation, Management and Reclamation contract was awarded to the BLV joint venture group. The BLV group is a joint venture of three of Calgary's most experienced sand and gravel pit operators, BURNCO rock Products Ltd., Lafarge Canada Inc., and Volker Stevin Contracting Ltd.
The site will be used by the department to supply aggregate to many of the area Highways including Stoney Trail. BLV will also sell aggregate for use in the Calgary area. If you wish to purchase gravel, or have any question or concerns, please contact John Paasch, Site Supervisor, BVL Group at 403-225-3459.

Spy Hill Lands Development Project  Phase 1 Report  (pdf 3907 K)

Panels and Maps from Open House #3

Panels 1 to 17 (pdf 6718 K)

Maps 1 to 6 (pdf 4306K)

Open House # 3 Summary of Key Questions and Answers (pdf 74K)

Technical Reports

Biophysical Impact Assessment-Ecological Component Baseline (pdf 7067K)

Conceptual Noise Assessment for The Spy Hill Lands Development Project Phase 1 (pdf 1224K)

Erosion and Sediment Control Report for Spy Hill Aggregate Operations (pdf 20K)

Historical Resource Impact Assessment Alberta Transportation/Alberta Infrastructure Spy Hill Aggregate Mine (Sections 28 & 33-25-2-W5M) Final Report (Permit 2003-085) ( pdf 70099K)

Spy Hill Lands Development Project-Traffic Impact Study Addendum (pdf 6226K)

Spy Hill Lands Provincial Aggregate Operation Hydrogeological Assessment (pdf 4341K)

An Air Quality Assessment of Alberta Transportation's Proposed Spy Hill Sand and Gravel Operations (pdf 12059K)

Species at Risk Survey- Spy Hills Lands (pdf 1220K)

Spy Hill Aggregate Operation Application for Conservation and Reclamation Approval (pdf 4630 K)

Spy Hill Lands Development Project Servicing Study (pdf 1943K)

Spy Hill Aggregate Test Hole Plans 

 Zip File Access for Test Hole Plans (1788K)