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Highway Geometric Design Guide

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New / Updated Standard Drawings for Highway Geometric Design Guide
Cover Page  (pdf) (Last updated Apr 2018)
Foreword  (pdf) (Last updated Apr 2018)
Acknowledgment  (pdf 18K)
Chapter A (pdf) (Last updated Apr 2018) - Basic Design Principles
Chapter B (pdf) (Last updated Aug 1999) - Alignment Elements 
Chapter C (pdf) (Last updated Aug 1999) - Cross-Section Elements
Chapter D (pdf) (Last updated Aug 1999) - At-Grade Intersections
Chapter E (pdf) (Last updated Aug 1999) - Interchanges 
Chapter F (pdf) (Last updated June 2015) - Roadside Facilities (Issued Under Design Bulletin #49)
      Chapter F Superseded (pdf) - Roadside Facilities (Superseded February 2008)
Chapter G (pdf) (Last updated Aug 1999) - 3R/4R Geometric Design Guidelines
Chapter H (pdf) (Last updated June 1996) - Local Roads 
Chapter I (pdf) (Last updated Oct 2005) - Access Management Guidelines (Issued under Design Bulletin #28)
Chapter I Map (pdf) - Roadside Management Classification Map 
      Chapter I Superseded (pdf) - Access Management Guidelines (Superseded October 2005)
Glossary  (pdf)
Index (pdf)