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Southeast Stoney Trail

The newest section of the Calgary Ring Road, Southeast Stoney Trail opened on November 22, 2013, providing an additional 25 kilometres of free-flowing freeway to travellers. On March 30, 2010, an agreement was entered into with Chinook Road Partnership (a consortium of companies headed by SNC Lavalin Inc.) for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of Stoney Trail from 17 Avenue SE/Highway 1A in the east to east of Macleod Trail in the south. Stoney Trail is now 70 kilometres of freeway across the south, east and north sides of Calgary. Maintenance of this portion, along with 12 kilometres of Deerfoot Trail will be handled by Chinook Road Partnership until 2043.


Public Private Partnership Agreement

A business case compared conventional delivery to a Private, Public Partnership (P3) and concluded that this project was a strong candidate for the P3 process. The Chinook Roads Partnership’s bid of $769 million was well below the traditional delivery estimate of $1.8 billion. The road was built two years sooner than through conventional delivery. Government also was guaranteed a fixed price, which meant risks such as inflation and weather-related delays are borne by the contractor. Finally, the work comes with a 30-year warranty, while most projects delivered conventionally only have one or two-year warranties.

Southeast Stoney Trail opens - November 22, 2013
Stoney Trail in Calgary drives forward - April 9, 2010
Southeast Calgary ring road drives out of the starting blocks - March 2, 2009

Documentation for this agreement can be found here.

Map showing access to the community of Cranston.

Map showing access to the South Calgary Hospital.

Southeast Stoney Trail Noise Modelling Report- January 7, 2015
Southeast Stoney Trail Noise Monitoring Report- January 7, 2015