Stoney Trail Extension - Highway 1 to Highway 8

The Calgary Ring Road Project (Stoney Trail) has connected Highway 1 to Highway 1 around the north end of The City of Calgary. It is envisioned that Stoney Trail will be extended south from Highway 1 (16th Avenue) to Highway 8 (Glenmore Trail) along the western edge of The City of Calgary some time in the future.  This portion of Stoney Trail is also referred to as the West Calgary Ring Road (WestCRR).

In order to determine the best location for Stoney Trail in the area, Alberta Transportation undertook a study to develop the long term functional plan for this west section. The study has been completed by TransTech Focus and the chosen general location and configuration are presented on the below noted links. The Technical Review Committee for the study included representatives from The City of Calgary and the Rocky View County.

The timeframe for the construction of this portion of Stoney Trail has not been determined.

Project Completion: Unknown




 - June 2008 - Presented study limits, contact information and comment feedback

 - November 2008 - Presented proposed alignments and interchange configuration and comment feedback

 - June 2009 - Presented recommended alignments and interchange configurations

For more information on this portion of the Calgary Ring Road, please call (403) 297-5813 or email: