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            • Check that the brake fluid is at the 
              recommended level. 
Differential. Check that the differential
         fluid is at the recommended level. 
Leaks. Check for fluid on the ground
         under the motorcycle.


            • When squeezing the clutch lever, 
              check that the cable moves freely 
              and feels tight. 
            • If you have a hydraulic clutch, 
              check that the fluid is at the 
              recommended level according 
              to the owner’s manual.


Throttle. Check that it moves freely.
         It should return to the closed position
         easily, without your assistance.


Mirrors. Check that the mirrors are clean,
         properly adjusted and securely fastened.


Brakes. Apply the front and rear brakes
         separately. Check that each one keeps
         the motorcycle stopped when you
        apply the brake fully and try to move the 
        motorcycle forward or backward.

License plate

License plate. Check that it is securely
         attached. It should be mounted to the
         rear mudguard or rear fender, and be
         clearly visible. 
Light (if equipped). Check that it is
         working and clean.

Center stand and sidestand

Centre stand. Check that the spring
         is not broken and for cracks and
         bends and the stand should be secure
         when retracted. 
Side stand. Check for cracks and
         bends. The stand should be secure
         when retracted.

Yearly maintenance

In the fall, your motorcycle will need to
be stored properly for the winter. When
you store your motorcycle make sure you
take care to protect your tires, deal with
remaining fuel in your fuel tank, remove the
battery, protect your motorcycle from harsh
weather, and address other general storage
concerns. Check your owner’s manual for
more information about proper storage.

After your motorcycle has been
sitting for the winter or in storage for an
extended time, some maintenance will
be needed. A tune-up and an oil change
are a good idea. Check your owner’s
manual for more information about
preparing your motorcycle to ride after
it has been in storage.


22  A Rider's Guide to Operation, Safety and Licensing

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