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Lead rider in
dominant position

The lead rider should always ride in the
dominant portion of the lane being used by
the group. The presence of a motorcycle in
this position prevents another vehicle from
entering the lane until safely past the lead
rider. The rest of the group occupies the
lane in staggered formation.


 Lead rider in correct dominant position.


 Lead rider not in dominant position, not 
protecting lane for self and others.

Two lane highway

Lane positioning

On a two lane highway (one lane for travel
in each direction), the leader should ride in
the left portion of the lane. On this type of
roadway, this is the dominant position in
the lane. The lead rider’s escape route is to
the right portion of the lane.

The second rider stays a minimum of
one second behind, in the right portion of
the same lane. The third rider rides two
seconds behind the leader in the left portion
of the lane, and so on for other riders.


 Staggered pattern for riding on a two lane 


Only pass when necessary. Riders on a
two lane highway must pass one at a time,
and only when it is safe and legal.

The lead rider is the first to pass. After
passing safely, the lead rider should return
to the left portion of the lane and adjust
the space cushion in front of the passed
vehicle to allow room for the next rider.

After the lead rider completes the pass,
the second rider should move into the left
portion of the lane and wait until it is safe
to pass. The rider should wait until there is
enough room ahead of the vehicle being
passed to fit safely in front. This is safer
and less confusing than crowding together
in front of the passed vehicle.

The remaining members of the group
should use this method. After passing, each
rider should be in the same staggered lane
position held before passing.


CHAPTER NINE                                                                                          RIDING IN A GROUP  59 

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